Big Top Pee-wee ★★½

Netflix (leaving 7/1). A really big disappointment compared to "Big Adventure." This sequel seems to be missing two of the big creative elements behind the first movie- namely Tim Burton and Phil Hartman (who co-wrote that screenplay).

Instead, they ditch most of the elements that made the first one work, and instead focus on a boring plot involving a circus on a farm.

Kris Kristofferson is fine but he seems to be sleepwalking through it, just there to collect a paycheck- at times the befuddled expression on his face is quite genuine.

There are a few funny bits (mostly involving the talking pig Vance) but otherwise the humor falls flat.

The biggest flaw is they seem to get the Pee-Wee character all wrong, involving him in a bizarre and creepy love triangle with Penelope Ann Miller and Valeria Golino. Very different from his relationship with Dottie in the first movie. And what was up with that uncomfortably long make out scene with Golino- Reubens exercising a little creative control?

On top of all that, the ending is very strange (not in a good way) and anti-climatic. Overall- a difficult watch to slog through even though it's under 90 minutes.

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