The Boy Who Could Fly

The Boy Who Could Fly ★★★★

A cheesy 80s fantasy movie with a ton of heart- I've always liked this one. A teenage girl befriends her autistic neighbor, and discovers that he can "fly" (or can he? The film keeps you guessing until the third act). The ending seems a bit too good to be true, but I've always thought maybe it's "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" dream in Millie's mind as they jump off the school.

Because it's the 80s and a family film- there's plenty of suicide talk, parents dying, alcoholism, little kids cussing, bullies, dogs named Hitler, and G.I. Joe product placement. Love it.

Really great and odd cast- including Mrs. Die Hard, Fred Savage, Natalie from Facts of Life, Fred Gwynne, and Nurse Ratched. It also has a terrific score which Disney still uses to this day.

Maybe a bit long at two hours, but it really is a wonderful story. I used to watch it on cable quite a bit.

Directed by John Carpenter protege Nick Castle (The Shape himself), who also did one of my all-time favorites "The Last Starfighter."

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