Vice ★★

Regardless of your feelings about Dick Cheney, this is a pretty terrible film. A poor man's Oliver Stone. Just hackneyed and cliched. It seems like it was written by somebody whose entire knowledge of politics comes from SNL skits and Wikipedia articles. Then edited in a blender.

What could have been a fascinating study of one of the most complicated figures to wield power in American history is wasted.

Much has been said of the performances, but I found them very two-dimensional at best. And the attempts at "humor" were so forced and horrible.

The overall thesis that Cheney is responsible for all of our current ills seems an overreach and the film doesn't really make a compelling case.

There's nothing more boring than old politics, and this film seems like a day late and a dollar short. Stories that people were hot and bothered over ten to fifteen years ago (Valerie Plame! Scooter Libby!) seem quaint now by the standards of what we deal with on a daily basis.

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