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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    A stylish caricature of what discrimination and hatred, particularly online death threats, towards women look like if they were acted out upon. With an added solid criticism on the negative side of call out culture. 

    Cinematography, editing, and costumes are where this shines gloriously. The party scene in terms of editing and the home invasion scene in terms of cinematography stand out as some of the strongest of the year.

    My only issue would be how paper thin the characters…

  • Mandy



    For years I have always said that Wild at Heart is the only role that solely works for Nic Cage...yet this goes beyond that. The absolute madman fits perfectly in this trippy drug fueled world. 

    The first half is patiently hypnotic and the second half is ultra violent. As a whole it is equally beautiful, surreal, and existential.

    While most would argue this is style over substance, and style is certainly the high point of this, I would argue that the plot is compelling for what it is trying to say about the male ego and religion...

    There’s a chainsaw fight so you gotta see it.

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    A masterpiece of current, ungentrified NYC life...

    Robert Pattinson gives perhaps the greatest outsider performance as a New Yorker ever. An anxious trip unlike anything I’ve ever seen. 

    Oneohtrix Point Never, unsurprisingly, delivers a stellar score to match the intensity of every moment. 

    Go grab a Sprite...

  • Gotti



    ...I died of a broken heart...