Rocketman ★★★

Elton John is glasses goals as all hell, he’s got more pairs than fuckin LensCrafters...

An enjoyable musical that goes for more of how Elton John’s life felt or played out in his imagination rather than just a exclusive retelling of the events verbatim. There are plenty of grand music numbers that are performed colorfully by the cast. Choreography of the dances are well done more times than not but there are a few instances that feel hollow, particularly in the second act. These remain massive but just don’t translate as fluidly with the storyline or what Elton is struggling with. I do have to say, admire that this is one of the much more vulnerable musician biopics as of recent and is self-critical. 

Taron Egerton kills it as Elton John, between his mannerisms, charisma, singing, the way he wears his outfits, everything just fits perfectly for the role. Jamie Bell does a swell job as his songrwriting partner Bernie Taupun and their chemistry as friends feels genuine. While I wouldn’t say there are any outright bad performances, none of the others stand out, they’re just purely support. I did find the way that Taron Egerton bounced off of these other performers to help progress the story so I suppose the actors did a fine enough job. Dexter Fletcher definitely could’ve done more to push these performers to the forefront at least a bit more. It would’ve made Elton’s resolution with his past feel more powerful and less cheesey than how it was presented in the movie. 

Really was in need of better looking effects work. I could look past some of this as going for more of a camp look and feel, however, other times they just come off as bad. Locations and costumes are stunning at least so it makes up for it. Elton’s dreams and fantasies for himself come to life most with these.


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