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  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I went into this blind, which was likely the best way to go, because if I'd known I was in for a vampire story I would've gone in with my guard up, this is a series that needs your indulgence. No one in it speaks like a human, for one thing, and the first episode feels like nearly everyone is in old-person cosplay.
    Which would be an issue if Flanagan was aiming for realism, but that's clearly not what's happening…

  • Robin Robin

    Robin Robin

    Cute, concise, and very sweet. The felted puppets are adorable and expressive, the sets are uniformly gorgeous, and the way felt is woven into the world (the fire, snow, dust, etc) ties it all together. It's a solid holiday trifle, with a healthy moral of self-acceptance and finding value in difference.
    Considering the philosophical and emotional depth of Please and Ojari's previous films, it's an adjustment to see them making something so squarely aimed at a family audience. But the craft is undeniable, and it's nice to see Aardman allowing them to find their own voice outside the usual house aesthetic.

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  • The Turning Point

    The Turning Point


    The animation is top-notch, but as visually inventive as some of the shots are, the entire message is there in the first few seconds. Happiness at least had the contrast between the bleak visuals and the serene soundtrack to provide a point of friction. Not that this film's subject is an issue that requires a ton of nuance--I get that the whole point here is a reminder of how goddamn horrible we are--but once that's established the film just has nowhere to go.