The Amazing Spider-Man ★★★★

Well...I have to swallow my words. Those words being "A reboot after 5 years of a record breaking blockbuster series? Pffffft....what's the point?! I'm good."
One free ticket to an advance IMAX 3D screening later, and I was swept off my feet. Or my eyeballs.

Thrilling, well-written, very well acted, barely cheesy, sprinkled with humour at the right moments - this was a highly enjoyable watch for any movie-goer, let alone fan-boy (which I am not). A blockbuster ride that well and truly flaunted the advantages of 3D - i.e. if you're seriously prone to vertigo, you could be in trouble!

Everything that was hokey about the Tobey Maguire versions are absent from this venture (weird-emo-fringe-strut type gags included), and I liked how they managed to steep the world/mythos in a bit of realism (the main example being around Spidey's web shooter, and the rethinking of the physics behind his giant city swinging antics). Plus... Andrew Garfield as the major player?! Major win.

In other words: it's like what Batman Begins did for Batman.

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