Venom: Let There Be Carnage

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This review may contain spoilers.

-I miss 90 minute movies.
-Daddy got his wish, I got my boy Venom in the MCU, or close enough. I'm guessing V3nom will be Spider-man vs. Venom, maybe he cameos in No Way Home, but I doubt he'll be a major part of that movie.
-I went from expecting garbage from Venom 1 to expecting the kingdom of Heaven with Venom 2. Now I'm expecting a perfectly serviceable and fun movie for 3. I have obtained balance.
-Venom going to a rave is the greatest thing ever. I was really hoping he would rap or dance, though.
-When Michelle Williams spoke in a sultry voice to get Venom to come with her, my entire body melted in my seat.
-These movies NEED an R rating, man. They're fun at PG-13 but it's so distracting every time they cut away from gory action or a head bite.
-I love Sonny and Cher.
-Tom Hardy is just a dude being a dude, I would love to just be locked in a room with him and hang out and make stupid shit like this.
-What if these movies were titled "Lethal Protector" and the character of Venom was a COMPLETE surprise?
-Screaming tornado Woody Harrelson was...a choice. A choice that entertained me.
-That fight in the apartment was pure Ted energy.
-Tia Dalma, it's you!
-I love Toxin, glad he's gonna pop up at some point in the future. Cool ass character.
-A bit disappointed with Carnage, not gonna lie. I enjoyed Woody more than I thought I would (one of my favorite actors but I didn't envision him as Cletus Kasady), but Carnage barely did anything and I didn't like the portrayal of the symbiote itself. I think the 90s animated Spider-man did a much better job at tackling Carnage as a character. And then, to top it off, they did my big superhero movie pet peev: They killed him off instead of saving him for down the road. I hope they retcon that later and be like "oh, he ate the symbiote and Kletus' blood mixed with it, it's a permanent bond, blah blah" or something.
-People are like "this movie is insane," yeah, it's nuttier than the first one but I want it UNHINGED.

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