Hellraiser ★★½

Lots of cool stuff in it, really great gore and some interesting concepts in regards to the lore. Incorporating the original music a plus. Well shot. But it felt weirdly mediocre and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then the credits came and I was reminded that David S. Goyer co-wrote and produced it. Then it all made sense.

Pinhead was dull. Nothing against Jamie Clayton I liked her cold, matter of fact delivery but her face seemed frozen under the makeup and while the new design was interesting she just didn’t have a strong presence. Really same for all the cenobites, they looked pretty neat but but didn’t really offer anything above that. In theory would be interesting to see where the series could go from here but ultimately this is a pretty standard uninspired remake. Disappointing. 

In regards to the greater Hellraiser series this lands in the middle, better than any of the sequels after Inferno but that is hardly a compliment. And while not as bad it isn’t nearly as entertaining as either Hell on Earth or Bloodlines.

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