Dolemite Is My Name ★★★½

Film Festival 919
Movie #2.

I just got out of Dolemite Is My Name, and I’m impressed. It was probably the most worried I was about in all the movies I chose to watch during the festival, but I was not let down. 

There isn’t a whole lot to say about it. Eddie Murphy is phenomenal as Rudy Ray Moore and deserves some Oscar attention for his part.  Most people do great jobs and hold their weight. I will say, this falls into the issue where big names have small parts, and it feels like the only thing about their existence is the actor, but it’s more tolerable in this then in something like “Disaster Artist.”  

The story is great, and has a good heart on its source material.  However, I and the dude beside me both agreed that it doesn’t stay on the down parts of the story long enough.  The struggle is felt for very quick parts and is not very long.  I feel like it also fantasizes about some of the celebrations, and there were some editing choices that I don’t agree with in a certain scene, but other then that, it was good.

Check this out when it hits Netflix later this year, and I hope this gets some Oscar attention for Eddie Murphy.

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