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  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Felt like two movies crammed into one. Kong should of had another film to build him up more, and MechaGodzilla could of been it's own.
    It's disappointing to build this up as Godzilla vs Kong when they fight like twice (for no good reason) and then fight Mechagodzilla together and hug things out afterwards.

  • Metropolis



    I've been told a thousand times that this is a good and important film. And even going in with high expectations, it still managed to amaze me. It's an absolute stylistic masterpiece that deserves every bit of credit it's been given over the past century (or at least the latter half of it)

    Also check out the Giorgio Moroder cut from 1984, it's an experience.

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  • The Brown Bunny

    The Brown Bunny


    I liked Buffalo 66, and I wanted to like this...but I didn't. There's a really great short film somewhere in here, but it's not worth the effort to find it.
    I want to see the hour-longer version that debuted at Cannes, but only because I hate myself and don't value my time.