Dealt ★★★★

"The only thing is, they used the word 'blind,' so I never showed anybody that article because they had to put the 'Blind Man Ears Black Belt' in there. I want my stuff to stand on its own."

I was introduced to Richard Turner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He blew me away with his card skills, fooling everybody in that room and on television as well. Once I saw he was the subject of a documentary, I was all in.

Dealt shows card tricks that stun crowds but it also shows a portrait of a man who feels belittled by his blindness in the eyes of others. His sister is also documented and she too had sight and lost it, and her journey into accepting her lot in life, and the service dogs and canes that can come with it, are also shown as a comparison of how we cope with what we get in life.

If you like magic, sleight of hand, or even general human interest stories, check out Dealt. It's an intimate, loving portrait of a magic man who is as vulnerable as he is talented.