Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

My tribute to Marvel
(this is gonna be long-ass one and you probably won't read it but I had to write this somewhere so...)

I grew up watching Spider-Man and you could say he was my hero in childhood. I used to touch walls and pretend I'm climbing them... when you're a kid your imagination just wonders around all the time and as you get older you get more attached to reality. You start worrying real stuff, working for real life, thinking for real problems... and as Thanos once said "Reality can often be disappointing"

Movies became a part of my life as a reality apart from my own. I worried for a character's concerns and problems, I sympathized with fictional persons , I enjoyed their happiness and teared with their sadness

This definitely doesn't mean I don't like realistic movies, I even like a film more when I can relate to a character and see my pains and pleasures in them
But this is a tribute to fantasy movies so I don't talk about that part :))

Superhero movies are my bridge to the world that doesn't exist. Where the hero always wins and the villain always loses eventually. They are the imagination part of my childhood that faded slowly, the part where I felt less worried, I cheered for my hero and I enjoyed them beating the evil... even if I'm unable to defeat it in my actual life

Fantasy films are not only entertaining, they're necessary. I NEED that bridge... I need to feel there's a world that supreme people save ordinary people and expect nothing in return... I need to feel a world where sacrifices always pay off, where hard work always pays off, where being smart or kind is enough to make you a hero

So thank you Superheroes
Thank you for the imagination I miss
Thank you for the thrill of victory I miss
Thank you for all the things you let me feel when life itself couldn't
Thank you

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