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  • Fix



    Lively gonzo road trip movie shot documentary-style (one of the passngers  is an aspiring filmmaker) as Milo and his girlfriend Bella tool around Los Angeles with his drug addicted brother Leo trying to raise $5000 by 8 PM so that Leo can enter a rehab clinic rather than go to prison. I enjoyed their banter, Shawn Andrews was great as the loopy, larger-than-life Leo who amusingly seems to know everyone in the city as they hit upon a number of…

  • Dying Breed

    Dying Breed


    Wrong Turn In Tasmania suffers from terrible, aimless plotting with a lack of tension for long stretches. It is otherwise competently directed and acted, but there is nothing that distinguishes it from the hundreds of other young-adults-in-the-woods scenarios. Gets an extra half-star from the cast who try their best despite their characters doing some *very* stupid things, some pretty location shooting in the Tazzie wilderness, and a horrifying ending; unfortunately it's just not worth the energy getting there.

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  • Demonlover



    As if Michael Haneke was torture-porned into reimagining Videodrome using a camera with zoom stuck on "full".

  • The Hot Rock

    The Hot Rock


    Enormously entertaining caper flick where a quartet of thieves don't have just one job, they have to pull off four - a museum, the state prison, a police station, and a bank - and all to get the same diamond! Redford is typical Redford as the cool-as-a-cucumber brains of the group, although he tends to get arrested and needs antacids to offset the nerves he internalizes. George Segal is the optimist and master locksmith, while Ron Leibman and Paul Sand…