Practical Magic

Practical Magic ★★★★★

a rewatch + PART OF "31 DAYS OF HORROR-WEEN"

practical magic is easily the best witch movie that's ever been done. this is nicole kidman and sandra bullock in their prime, and i love it. i've loved this movie ever since i was a little girl, but watching it again as an adult was a completely different experience. not only does it now make me cry like a baby, but i really get it. i get everything that this movie is about. magic, yes, absolutely. but also love. love in its purest form, and all sorts of love. love between sisters, love for your children, love between friends, the true love that you experience when you find the one who's right for you. all of it is in this film, and it's executed so perfectly, and it sends such a wonderful message. there's also something to be said about the fact that the "normal" pta moms who were afraid of the owens women in the beginning rally around them at the end.

as aunt jet says, everybody has a little witch in them.