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  • Bad Times at the El Royale

    Bad Times at the El Royale


    Drew Goddard's (Cabin in the Woods) latest outing has...well, great acting going for it. Especially via Bridges. Hemsworth is good, but there seems to be a bit too much tryhard in his delivery. Maybe he was trying to channel Pitt a bit (who would have nailed this role). But fortunately his abs will fill in the gaps for some viewers.

    But my problem here is attention deficit disorder. I must have it because I found myself wandering off mentally quite a bit. It's just that type of movie for me, and maybe you. Definitely a one time watch.

  • Prom Night

    Prom Night


    What a piece of shit of a movie. All the kills are cutaways. It literally has nothing to do with the original in terms of story or characters. Just rips off the name.

    Brittany Snow is good but the rest is complete crap. And actually, I don’t have a problem with the killer in this. He actually would’ve been pretty effective had they given him some cool kills.

    Bottom line. I still haven’t seen a great slasher movie that was PG-13.

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  • You're Next

    You're Next


    Adam Wingard's first major outing comes out swinging and turns the home invasion slasher premise on it's tired head. An infectious 70s jingle (Dwight Twilly's "Lookin' for the Magic") gives us a sense of unease throughout, some interesting carnivorous killers, a refreshing twist (at least for the sub-genre)...and Sharni ****ing Vinson who kicks so much ass and is a HIGH contender for the greatest final girl....ever? I mean...she's the female Rambo in this. Why hasn't this been done before...and so well!?

  • Mandy



    So I watched Mandy yesterday. Wow. We've had 3 revenge based films this year and 2 of them (Revenge and Mandy) are cream of the crop in my book. Peppermint was a dumpster fire.

    Cage is mesmerizing and has a fire in him that most don't even attempt to channel. His performance will wow you for sure.

    Panos Cosmatos is a director that is HIGH on my radar now. Think N. Winding Refn in hell.

    So Mandy now!!