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  • Host



    Host is a new "laptop horror" film on Shudder, and at just over 50 minutes, it packs an economical punch. There is one scene that got me. Good. The improvisation adds to the horror and humor at times. And can we give it up for the importance of editing these films? Bravo!

  • I See You

    I See You


    It's been too long since we had a good child abduction thriller. I See You puts a heavy spin on the premise with an inventive structure and plenty of twists. It may a bit over kill in the 3rd act, but damn it's satisfying.

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  • Halloween



    I saw this yesterday. Loved it. But wanted to let it sit before I wrote this out. David Gordon Green did the impossible but almost matching what Carpenter did 40 years ago. He made not only a great slasher, but one that set the bar higher than others could deem imaginable.

    Myers as a More interesting than ever. A constant question mark throughout. A true representation of a "force". Unstoppable...and you forget that he's a 60 year old man…

  • Haunt



    Haunt is another one of those 'haunted attraction' types of horror films, which are always a good time for the most part. The Funhouse Massacre is the crown jewel of the subgenre, but writer/director team Scott Beck and Bryan Woods score with the low budget feel and genuine scares.

    What wins for me is the villains. They're fun, imaginative, and creepy. And more importantly for a horror film, the kills deliver. They're to the point and pretty savage honestly.

    It's on VOD for the most part, but DO NOT let that scare you away from Haunt. It's what Hell Fest should have been!