Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Carey Mulligan is easily in my top 5 most interesting actresses working today. There's an edge there, a darkness. Naturally she is perfect for the lead character in PYW. I love characters like this honestly. They're witty, clever, and extremely sarcastic.

They keep her inner struggle close to the vest for a good portion of the movie, but Cassandra (Mulligan) is clearly a tainted woman. She lures men in by pretending she extremely shitfaced, then .....well...makes them feel bad about it?

That's my one issue with the film is that for a while it never really "goes there" in terms of revenge. It's not really that. At least for a good portion. Once you come to terms with that fact you enjoy the film much more.

Also Bo Burnam is great. In literally everything. He just has this rare sense of humor that is uniquely his. And he holds back here for the sake of the character, but some of it does come out at times (if he loves you, he will buy you a bicycle).