The Marvels

The Marvels ★★

I'm still working it out, but this might be the worst MCU movie. Horrible CGI, a paper thin villain (also female, along with our heroes), Kamala is next level annoying....Jar Jar level, and a cluttered plot (I'm hearing that viewers are liking her, which is cool). Really bad writing here.

The only decent thing is actually Brie. She's a better Captain Marvel than her solo movie. But here's the put her in another ensemble movie with some of the best heroes, she's still quite bland. She just stands above the pack in THIS movie. Yikes.

Marvel really needs to strip down their villain motives at this point because I don't even care at this point at the ridiculous reasoning these baddies have. And the more movies we get into, the new villains just feel like a hodgepodge of previous villains.

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