Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Not going to lie, I started losing faith in Guy Ritchie a while back. And Snatch is still one of my favorite movies. So I guess my point here is, when he is on, he is on.

Luckily he still has some of that fire in him. Wrath of Man once again utilizes Jason Statham in the best way, much like Snatch. He really is a great character in this movie. I love characters that don’t have to do much to appear dangerous. Statham nails it in this aspect.

Plus this might be Ritchie’s darkest work yet. Sure there’s some of that tongue in cheek wet in the dialogue here and there, but this one liens on intensity more than most. It’s a good old revenge story done right.

My only flaw here is Scott Eastwood, which surprises me. I usually love watching his career growth. He’s not bad, but for the role that he’s playing, it does quite pan out. 

Still one of Ritchie’s best.