• Paul



    It's a road trip movie that sees sci-fi geeks Graeme and Clive picking up an extraterrestrial hitchhiker named Paul and then helping him get back to his mother ship while the FBI closes in on them.

    Paul is cute and funny in a dumb sort of way and works especially well if you're a science fiction movie nerd (like me). I appreciated all the homage paid to movies like 'ET', 'Star Wars' (cantina song) 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind',…

  • Chicken Run

    Chicken Run


    "Chicken Run" has some great claymation and other effects. However, there seemed to be something missing. It just did not inspire much care from me about the characters. I am a little surprised this one rated so well on IMDB. I guess this time I am in the minority. The plot was solid but it was predictable. A group of chickens wanting to escape but are unable. Then along comes comes a stranger who uses his entrance to his advantage…

  • Zombieland



    Zombieland was quite fun in it's own way. Of course for the first look you know that this isn't that type of films that going to change the world. It has a tasteful humor with a lot of morbidity combined with the parody of average zombie films. The actors are great: Emma Stone is gorgeous as always, Woody Harrelson is giving the best for his character, Jesse Eisenberg is just Jesse…

  • The Boss Baby
  • Home



    This is one of those movies you desperately want to fall in love with but you're disappointed they didn't give you enough to do that. It's kinda cute, not very funny, definitely predictable and well, sometimes boring.

    I question one of the casting choices too. I love Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, but I thought actors changed the nuances and inflection of their voices to tailor it to a particular character. It was unsettling for…

  • Ice Age

    Ice Age


    At the dawn of a new ice age, three mismatched creatures have been thrust together by fate. They stumble upon a human baby and decide that they will take it back to its family, and so begins their journey, where they have to learn to trust and respect each others species if they are to survive and succeed.

    Ice Age is 20th Century Foxes answer to already well established works from Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks, and i'm happy to say that…

  • Monsters vs Aliens

    Monsters vs Aliens


    Monsters vs. Aliens isn't a TERRIBLE movie, but it's not very good either. The plot is predictable. That's something that you should expect from movies of this type. But a certain other animation studio (I think you know the one) makes the journey itself so enjoyable, and the scope of adventure so vast that it doesn't matter. Monsters vs. Aliens feels at times like a bunch of action scenes strung together by completely unfunny jokes.

    This movie is just not…

  • Antz



    I've never felt more uncomftorable watching a movie in my life. Firstly, the animation is extremely dated, and doesn't help that our main character is annoying and unlikeable af - which is me being magnanamous.

  • 101 Dalmatians

    101 Dalmatians


    First of all, I was hoping that they'd give Cruella better motivation since they had the opportunity. But, no such luck. She still just wants to make a Dalmatian fur coat simply because she's obsessed by the idea and doesn't seem to realize or care that she'll just be arrested for stealing and killing puppies.

    Glenn Close does make a perfect Cruella, and she overplays it even more than the original. It's one thing to see a cartoon screaming about…

  • Puss in Boots

    Puss in Boots


    Sure, I can understand why DreamWorks would make a full-length movie from one of Shrek's most beloved characters, but then why does Puss in Boots feel like nothing more but a spin-off, instead of a full-fledged animation film?

    Well, first of all, the style is exactly the same as the Shrek-movies. Of course, it would've been weird to see Puss in a completely different animation-style, but copying literally every single detail that made the Shrek-franchise so recognizing? That's just lazy.…

  • 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians

    One Hundred and One Dalmatians


    One hundred and one Dalmatians may be a ‘classic' animated film, according to the package it comes in, but I personally felt that there were too many things missing to even call this memorable. First of all the animation was not good (especially if you compare it to Snow White which dates back from 1937) and second of all the story was not that compelling. It was not very thrilling and it was neither as charming nor as funny as…