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  • There's Nothing Out There

    There's Nothing Out There


    Shut the fuck up Mike

  • 2012: Curse of the Xtabai

    2012: Curse of the Xtabai


    Expanding My Horizons - Belize

    A weird thriller, featuring a legend I knew absolutely nothing about. Interesting in the context of the first full-length dramatic feature entirely from Belize. But goofy and difficult to follow; and I still know nothing about the Xtabai.

    The mini-interviews during the end credits are awesome though.

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  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    It is so rare to find a movie that's so good it hurts. Especially in dramas or comedy. And even more so when it has a four hour runtime. That combo is basically impossible. Love Exposure is the impossible.

  • Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness

    Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness


    It's basically a Japanese Harry Potter. With Satanic rituals. And voodoo. And nudity. And beheadings. And gore. And lesbians.