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  • Spider Baby
  • Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies
  • Hell's Ground

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  • Sound of Violence

    Sound of Violence


    I don't know the last time I've been hit so close to home by a movie.

    Quick personal story- I lost a significant amount of my hearing when I was a kid, the doctor didn't know the cause but something neural, and then it came back to an extent though I still had loss in certain ranges. Flash forward to my mid-20s and I lost basically all of the hearing in one ear and a majority of speech recognition in…

  • Host



    Color me impressed. This sounded stupid, but turned out to be a very well done tech-centric horror wrought with atmosphere despite literally being a Zoom call under the free meeting time-constraints. Quick runtime (remember QuickTime?), convincing likable characters, and not as focused on the gimmick as I assumed it'd be.

    Chances are this will go down as legitimate mid-corona isolation horror here in a few years when we're all dead and cockroaches are ruling the earth. The death throes of civilization looking for something other than reality to fear. Happy trails.

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  • Transformed



    An ultra weird Christian film with finger-on-the-pulse paranoias of particularly Christian America. Drug lords recruit children under 10 to distribute drugs because of course they do. A little kid ODs on what must have been free cocaine because what kid has that kind of money. Fred Williamson fights a ninja, possibly in an alternate universe. For a while it's almost like an open mic night where anyone can step in and do their spiel. I'm half-convinced pressure point man just…

  • Mimic



    When I was a preteen I taped Mimic and Virus, the Jamie Lee Curtis one, off then SciFi onto VHS. It was one of my few go-to tapes, but the two became completely tangled and confused in my memory. So i was expecting scenes that must be in Virus, but man did this look amazing unedited, commercial-free and HD. Nostalgia gives it a boost but still a great movie.

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