Birth Year Challenge

Can't seem to resist another challenge.
Progress: 19/32
From kynky's list:

For this challenge you can only pick films that were released in the year you were born (I'm going with Letterboxd dates to avoid UK/US release date confusion), the total amount of films to watch is the same as your current age.
There is no time limit on the challenge, only to watch all the films before your next Birthday, or you'll have to add another film!
All the films have to be first time watches.

I've got until March 2019.
UPDATED: Not gonna make it March 2019, added an additional, new due date is end of March 2020.

  • Adventures of Electric Rod Boy
  • Bates Motel
  • Beyond the 7th Door
  • Birds of Prey
  • The Black Cobra
  • Blood Sisters
  • Child of Peach
  • Conton
  • Deadly Illusion
  • Deadly Prey
  • Deathrow Gameshow
  • Devil's Dynamite
  • Evil Cat
  • Faceless
  • Forever Evil
  • Ghost Chase
  • Hard Ticket to Hawaii
  • Killer Workout
  • The Majorettes
  • The Newlydeads
  • Programmed to Kill
  • Psychos in Love
  • R.O.T.O.R.
  • Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
  • Specters
  • The Stepfather
  • Stripped to Kill
  • Sukeban Deka The Movie
  • Surf Nazis Must Die
  • Tales from the Quadead Zone
  • Virgins from Hell
  • White of the Eye