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  • Old Joy

    Old Joy

    This is a movie for all the old heads out there. 

  • River of Grass

    River of Grass

    the focus on feet here is somewhat concerning

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  • Skin


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    - literally every fucking redemption cliche in the history of cinema is used here, there is little to no originality
    - a scene in which 3 Muslim migrants are killed has zero emotion, but as soon as the dog is killed nattiv turns to empathy, clearly not confident enough in his story to show emotion for, I don’t know, the people the main character is trying to defend?
    - they announced at the end of my screening that nattiv & jenkins…

  • High Life

    High Life

    “What do you know about cruelty?”

    It’s a bit hard for me to write down thoughts on this film, I’m still processing it even with my second watch. 

    High Life is bound to be quite divisive, due to it being more reminiscent of Denis’ more controversial and divisive works, mostly the cold detachment of Bastards and the psychosexual and mystifying elements of Trouble Every Day (i realize i sound like ehrlich here((also there’s a sequence similar to her short Vers…