Cold War

Cold War ★★★★★

"Shall we go to the other side?"

I remember first seeing the trailer for this in cinemas, and thinking it looked wierd and boring, but the sound was captivating enough that I decided to see it when it came to my local theater. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made. This film is so insanely beautiful, snapshots of a love too powerful to stay inside or leave behind. Every moment is composed more like music than film, still feeling like a deep, striking voice even when the music stops. These moments from a scrapbook of motion show little connection, act as an outsider reading through these lives, unable to understand, and hoping, begging, that someone can arrange these moments into an emotional thread. This thread runs throughout, motivations hardly understandable, but we don't need to understand, because passion is personal, and draws us in and out of the world. Deserved all the Oscars Roma won.

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