The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★½

For those of you saying this wasn't clearly gay enough:
- Columbia logo literally shoots rainbows
- what appears to be a parody of a Subaru
- daddy issues
- car lands in the dashcon ballpit
- Le Tigre song
- Y tu mama tambien parody dvd
- Portrait of a Lady on Fire themed short film
- "my parents haven't figured me out yet"
- performative femininity/cowboy/ska phases
- asks a girl to prom
- pride pin
- voiced by Abby Jacobson
- Céline Sciamma is Katie's favorite filmmaker
- is a teenage Varda and Fassbinder fan
- the incredibly tacky Shining carpet socks
- wants to make experimental films
- Alex Lahey song #1
- Katie spends the whole roadtrip talking to a girl
- tiny lesbian flag pin on her bag
- Alex Lahey song #2
- Katie has a girlfriend at the end who she's been with for a few weeks

-sent 12 letters to Céline Sciamma in a deleted scene

I really don't understand the insistence that gay characters must only exist within a romance plotline? Instead of a tokenized franchise character our animated lead is clearly gay, engages in a fairly accurate idea of young queer culture, and this fits in with the rest of her arc... But that isn't enough for some people who think it wasn't clear. If that isn't clear to you, and you don't like anything beyond a kiss in a film targeted for older audiences, genuinely what is the wish for "representation politics" (an idea I think diminishes actual gay stories and focuses on tokenization). Stop latching onto representation politics please don't put words in my mouth

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