i use a matrix mixer to eat my breakfast cereal

Favorite films

  • Queen of Diamonds
  • The Giant

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  • The Good Nurse

  • Shut the Fuck Up

  • Vertigo Sea


  • Test Tube

Recent reviews

  • Vertigo Sea

    Vertigo Sea


    The three-screen experience injects pure terror into what might have otherwise been a boring Leviathan (which blows, like most of Harvard SEL's work) retread in less capable hands.

  • The Pacific

    The Pacific


    Lazily concentric at first (the romance angle is as dowdy as the subplot from Fury), but you are inevitably funneled toward the locus of the war, and of war too. If Spielberg remade Heli, perhaps.

Popular reviews

  • Voices Through Time

    Voices Through Time


    A film that provokes an intense melancholy by recalling all the moments in life that have already passed, and by offering a wisp of a future in which those moments will have increased tenfold in number.

  • The Purge: Anarchy

    The Purge: Anarchy

    very scary