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  • God Is a Bullet


  • The Unborn


  • Phenomena


  • Lost in Translation


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  • God Is a Bullet

    God Is a Bullet


    Lost in Translation: Bob and Charlotte

    God is a Bullet: Bob and Case

    I think if Bob and Charlotte would have gone through anything close to what Bob and Case go through, I would have given that five stars too.

  • The Unborn

    The Unborn


    When they said “Jumby wants to be born”, all I could think of was the floating genie head in Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. 
    Which coincidentally relates back to that poster.
    ‘Meka leka hi meka hiney ho!’

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  • Barbarian



    Go into this movie blind, and wish you were blind by the end. Dark empty hallways are scary, no argument from me there, but nothing else in this movie is. In fact, the final 10 or so minutes are some of the silliest I’ve ever seen in a horror film and had me giggling like an idiot. So that’s something, I guess. But the thing is, this isn’t supposed to be a camp horror film and takes itself oddly way…

  • Prey



    My new avatar is Arnold watching some sketchy bear CGI in a new movie called 'Prey', which happens to be in his Predator franchise. But he’s wearing yellow spandex, so what does he know.

    A better title for the movie would have been ‘Dances with Predator’. I mean they even steal the field of skinned buffalo scene. As hyperviolent and full of action the film is, it’s very light on story or really any context as to why we are…