Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles ★★★★★

“You can’t rent a car with shower curtain rings Del.”

Who knew there could be such a new spin on an old favorite, one that I typically watch almost every year this week of November. The scenes of busy travel stations carry a weight like they never have before, these are scenes I wouldn’t have given any specific thought to in years past except now they seem like ages ago. Not referring to the 80’s so much as just the idea that it was perfectly normal to rub shoulders with people on a train or in the aiport without a second thought one year ago.
Wow did this movie seem fresh, funny and relevant this year, like I needed to watch it more now than in recent past. I normally have just been along for the ride, and most often would identify with the Martin character, getting a kick out of how he reacts to the constant upheaval and obstacles to getting home.

This year was the first I can recall relating more to Del and especially watching for signs of his struggle in early parts of the story. Some of the quips he gives Neil in the Wichita airport are hilarious and he is a little too familiar with the Wichita hotel scene and the travel life in general. Travel life is hard, but for Del it is taken to another level. His is an ongoing quest to nowhere specific, and we see him hoping to find some peace in the journey. As funny as I still find the movie, it carries an emotional weight I’ve always respected, and I see now it gets better with time.

“Four fucking wheels and a seat!”

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