Inferno ★★★

A woman finds a book titled "The Three Mothers" in an antique shop. Upon reading it she learns of three witches who control the world from their three grand houses and she thinks her apartment building may be one of them. When she begins to investigate she initiates a chain of events that lead to the disappearances and deaths of those who get too close to the truth.

Inferno centers around Mater Tenebrarum, the Mother of Darkness. The second in the "Three Mothers" witch trilogy. Many of Argento's trademarks are on full display here. Strange use of color that makes no realistic sense but still looks cool? Check. Frustratingly long shots? Check. Just grab your keys, lady. Why in the hell would you examine them while under water? Music that seems out off place in a horror film? Check.

The film switches main characters multiple times, which I think serves the purpose of keeping the plot interesting, as long as you don't mind the holes and can forgive some scenes making no sense. The cat scene is great for it's ridiculousness. If you pay attention you can actually see one of the handlers tossing a cat at the victim. I enjoyed this film as a one time watch but will probably never watch it again. I feel the same way about a lot of Argento's work.

If there's one line I've heard often from big Argento fans it's "You just don't get it". Maybe they're right.

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