Love, Death & Robots: Alternate Histories

Love, Death & Robots: Alternate Histories ★★★

Love, Death & Robots - Series 1 - Episode 15

Multiversity is a new app that let's user tweak historical events and view the predicted outcome of what their choices would alter. As a preview to the functionality a demo is setup to show the results of one of their most popular requests. Adolf Hitler dying in six different ways while still a young man in school, and how the those particular deaths affect the world moving forward.

Love, Death & Robots: Alternate Histories is a comedic science fiction episode of Netflix's Love, Death & Robots that puts the emphasis on the comedy. The animation used for this one is pretty lame, but if you want to see one of the real scumbags of history die in hilarious ways from stabbing to being incased in a Russian gelatin weapon, this episode is for you. It clocks in at a little over eight minutes and most of the time I spent chuckling. Short, sweet, and hilarious.

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