Malignant ★★★½

In 1993, a long term patient with freakish strength and the ability to manipulate electric devices runs amok in the hospital, killing several doctors. In the present day we catch up with Madison. After three miscarriages Madison is pregnant again and hopeful that this time she will give birth to the child she's wanted for so long. When tragedy leads to the baby dying Madison begins to see violent visions. Visions of a mysterious entity committing murder.

I had to watch this film in two parts because something suddenly came up yesterday, but there is nothing like a nice morning with a New York strip steak and eggs with a new James Wan horror film on the tube. I type this as I finish my Lean Cuisine frozen dinner and reflect on the better time that was yesterday morning. I love the settings and the general set design for the old Victorian house and the abandoned hospital. Combine that with incredible use of sound and interesting camera angles and you get a film that is visually appealing. Even the CGI, though cheesy in some scenes, mostly kicks ass. Blood and chunks of bodies mostly look great. The killer is a savage and the kills are brutal. There is one in particular that happens in a bed which caused me to rewind three or four times because it was so well done. That's just one of many. This thing racks up a body count that puts Freddy Krueger, Jason, and Michael Myers to shame and it's pretty glorious.

Although I mentioned the expert use of sound, I'm not a huge fan of some of the music used. Especially the intro credits theme. It reminds me too much of the early 2000s crap that I'd rather do without. I initially didn't like how they delivered the plot as well. It's told from too many different points of view at first but as the film goes on and the characters come together it all works out well. By the third act I decided I wouldn't have it any other way.

Malignant is part haunt, part Saw , part creature flick, part mystery and all James Wan. By the time we get to the final thirty minutes it's full blown crazy town that made me ask myself what in hell did I just see? This film was a fun watch that had me interested for the entire two hour runtime. A few scenes made my eyes roll but others impressed me and fortunately there were more of those. Overall it's not a must see film but it's a nice hefty dose of James Wan and that's just what I needed. Considering the ending, I hope they don't make a sequel. The plot was sewn up nicely and there's no need to explore this universe any further. One and done is good enough.

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