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  • Aliens - Special Edition

    Aliens - Special Edition


    This is my first time seeing the full Special Edition,  and while some bits raise it above the original (Bishop/Newt/Hicks), there's almost no way that anything can touch the ultra-lean Alien. This one introduces the name "Xenomorph", as well as lots of other details about the creatures & the company, which is nice, and adding Newt only helps illuminate the motherly body horror at the center of these first four films, but it also can't totally recover from the implausibility of…

  • Alien



    Any cut you like, this is still as close to a perfect film as is possible. I'm not sure any aspect of it is assailable...EXCEPT. How and why the hell is that cat on board.

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  • Tiny Furniture

    Tiny Furniture


    I think I'm supposed to hate movies like this, the drifty after college middle class angst movies, but I just don't. I've never seen Garden State, about which I am reasonably proud, but I do love The Graduate, I really liked Greenberg (the ultimate graduate), and I loved Tiny Furniture. I'm sure, if viewed from a certain angle, this could seem like an indie-gazing navel fest, but something in Lena Dunham's delivery of the scenario, her character, the mopey realism, really charmed me. I simply enjoyed this movie and I want to see her make more of them.

  • Irreversible



    This movie is deeply unpleasant and unsettling. It's actually a dreadful, awful experience being in its company throughout its running time. It is also one of the best films I have ever seen. Unlike Memento, to which it could clearly be compared in terms of structure, there is an actual point to the storytelling trickery, that of peeling back the layers from revenge to crime to peace. It's a fascinating way to get to know a set of characters, and…