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  • The Terminator

    The Terminator


    This movie was such a yawn. Truly an overrated movie.

  • Garden State

    Garden State

    I'm going down the list of terrible "indie" movies. This somehow managed to be just as bad as 500 Days of Summer.

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  • Memento



    Christopher Nolan wants to mindf*ck all of us. He doesn't want to do anything else, actually. Characters are only tools used to mess with our expectations/explain what shouldn't be explained. The only goal of his films is to confound his audience and thus convince them of his genius. I have come to these conclusions after having watched all of his major releases: The Prestige, the Batman trilogy, Inception, and lastly, Memento. I had supposedly saved the best for last—all of…

  • The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter


    I was hoping this film would be better. It failed to justify its length, unnecessarily extending the scenes in America and only showing short sequences of Vietnam. I didn't want to see Michael (Robert De Niro) and his buddies messing around at a wedding for an hour. While I understand that Cimino wants us to gain an understanding of the characters before they leave, as it turns out, there isn't much to understand: Michael's friends are really annoying ("Fuckin' A")…