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This review may contain spoilers.

I will never not love this film. It is beautiful. I watch it so many times in a year, I kind of forget that I live in the 21st century and not Avonlea during the time when consumption caused death and rats in pudding was a serious cause for concern. Not that it isn't now, but it's not likely we'd perish. Anyhoo, don't expect to be getting more out of this than a pleasant and wholesome feeling deep within your soul. A constant wave of pleasure that will ring in your heart decades after the first viewing. Words cannot express how much Anne of Green Gables and the sequel mean to me. The idea that one can be rich with life and experiences, more than can be achieved by physical belongings is a valuable lesson and one that I may have learnt from this film as a kid. My mother could have told me, I didn't care. Anne said it and bitch I was sent.