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  • The Hallow

    The Hallow

    This film felt like it was made by stitching together entries from I couldn't find any of the atmosphere or tension described in other reviews, unless you count the atmosphere of disdain for the achingly uninspired slog this film put me through. Of all its creatively barren elements, the use of music deserves special mention for being the most unintelligent. Playing what sounds like sample library ominous tones over every scene is typical in bad horror, but the relentlessness…

  • The Ones Below

    The Ones Below


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The first act and a half is enjoyable, with several effectively tense sequences. Unfortunately from there onward the film plays out predictably and very frustratingly. It leans on the tired trope of no one believing the protagonist's assertion that a conspiracy is underfoot, and yet the character and narrative logic that underlies this scenario flies in the face of the set-up of the first half. The performances are not strong enough to carry a dodgy story and the self-assured yet horribly misguided directorial and editing choices of the climax undo any goodwill the first act achieved.

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  • The Cell

    The Cell


    I watched The Cell last night, spurred on by a great Clams Casino music video edited from the film.
    One key thing I really didn't like about it is that it feels very much of its time in the sense of generic 90s thriller conventions of performance, directorial, and editing styles.

    -The two leads were overly-emphasised as elite bad asses in their field compared to the rest of the cinematic world, as well as being distant, gruff, loners. I feel…