Zodiac ★★★★½

Ok I watched most of this last week but was too tired to finish and could not in good conscience post this until I finished. Even though I’ve seen before. Here! 

David fincher toooo good. So talented. Love Dave he gets me every time! 

Definitely too long but don’t care. The energy of David fincher movies just refuses to release my attention I could watch his ominous shit forever 

JAAAAKEEEKEKEKEKWKAK. Sexy ass omg!!! Hot as hell what the fuck…. Don’t know if I ever formally married him omg… ok well I’m making it official rn! Husband for sure. 

HEY?!!?!!!?!! Logan Roy. What are you doing here. Never noticed him! To be fair I hadn’t seen succession when I first saw this lol. Cool!

John caroll lynch slay. Could see him play a serial killer again and again and love it every time he’s such a wonderful actor ugh give this man his flowers!!!!!

Ik this is old news already but I still can’t believe they really got the zodiac’s identity… like are we sure??? That’s really him??? Like actually?? Gary???? Idk. Just not sure about that! Think they should’ve let me take a look at that evidence. Because as we all know I am the ultimate code-cracking-serial-killer-chasing detective. Every investigator looks to me for advice. Duh. 

Love this movie. My mom did not enjoy but whatever win some lose some. Top-tier fincher. Top tier in general! Very rewatchable will absolutely be back

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