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Admit it, you keep one of these, too, if only in your head.

Simply the loveliest ladies, with the most enchanting screen presences, according to me.

Posters are chosen because of their representation of the actresses' faces. I may or may not have seen the films, or even like them, though many I have, and do. Some posters are plain silly, but the options are limited here.

Order is by date of birth, oldest to youngest, 1928 to 1999, Moreau to Abita. Open notes for names, birth dates, lists and reviews. Evidently, this remains an ever expanding list.

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  • Jeanne Moreau: Free Spirit
  • Resurrection
  • Anna Karina, Remember
  • Catherine Deneuve, belle et bien là
  • Miss Julie
  • Paris by Night
  • Story of Women
  • Manon of the Spring
  • Camille Claudel, 1915
  • La Mère à boire
  • The Student
  • La Cérémonie
  • Dogville
  • Beyond Rangoon
  • P.O.V. - Point of View
  • Hideous Kinky
  • Regarde-moi (en face)
  • A Single Girl
  • Eden
  • Love Crime
  • Anything Else
  • Cracks
  • Cold War
  • Pauline et François
  • Lucy
  • Alex of Venice
  • The Beautiful Person
  • Pauline
  • The Bag of Flour
  • Pure
  • The Unknown Girl
  • Crickets
  • Nino (Une adolescence imaginaire de Nino Ferrer)
  • My Last Film
  • Watcher
  • Pearl
  • Zero Fucks Given
  • Malevolent
  • Reality
  • Tangles and Knots
  • Tender Age