Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★

Was 82. Now 69.

No 3 hour film, not even something like Seven Samurai is perfectly paced. However, I do funnily enough see many similarities between the two pieces of work. Both are an allegory on the juxtaposing themes of life and death, all told in a CLEAR AND OBVIOUS 3-act-structure. 

Context. Preparation and Fight. Resolution.

This film is not as good as Seven Samurai, even if on my first watch I thought it came close. Unfortunately, on this second watch, many technical flaws arose from the fiery valleys. However this is no point doubting that at the centre of Endgame, there is a lot of heart and passion. It’s a gift for fans of a universe that in many ways mirror the comics it is based off. 

Inconsistent, hugely fun, sometimes messy, sometimes beautiful.

(Any real person knows the best MCU film though. You know if you know. I too steal batteries I don’t need).