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  • The Boogens

    The Boogens


    HoopTober 8.0 (Film 5 of 34)
    - From 1981 (1 of 4)
    - Decades: 1980s (2 of 8)

    A haiku review:

    Boy, they got shafted
    Some miner difficulties
    Life ore death struggles

    Can confirm that I am indeed a dad, so I am licensed to make puns like that. Regarding this film, I had low expectations since the only way i had ever heard of it was on a Trailer Trauma compilation a couple years ago. Never pinged my radar…

  • Seconds



    The Podcast Macabre 2021 Horror Challenge (Film 49 of 52)
    #21 - From Edgar Wright’s 100 Favorite Horror Films of All Time list. 

    Second viewing of this, and it holds up just as strong. I can’t top my first review and the fact that Edgar Wright asked me how I liked it after mentioning on Twitter I had watched it because of his list. (You can find my original review here.)

    (On blu-ray)

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  • kid 90

    kid 90


    As Gen Xer, this felt like the most accurate and honest time capsule of that era that I’ve ever seen. Excluding the fame and celebrity aspects, this was 1000% relatable to what my friends and I were doing and dealing with at that time. Truly heartbreaking at times, but I do wish there had been more. 72 minutes was tight and got the job done quite well, and I can respect that with how personal this project was for Soleil Moon Frye that she didn’t want to stretch it out more than she felt was necessary. 

    (On Hulu)

  • Megalomaniac



    On paper, I should absolutely love this one. But in reality, it looked great but just didn’t click with me. 

    (On Amazon VOD)

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  • Antrum



    Alternative titles:

    - A Boy And His Dog . . . And The Devil
    - Not All Dogs Go To Heaven
    - Hansel & Gretel Go Grindhouse
    - The Blair Ditch Project

    I've got a strong feeling this is a late contender to be in my top ten horror films of 2019. Highly recommended!

  • The Woman in Black

    The Woman in Black


    This is a great lesson in atmospheric horror. Nice, slow building tension with mysterious happenings. Frequent moments of "did you just see that thing move?" and "Behind you, Harry Potter!!" spookiness. I jumped a few times and had goosebumps at least once. I know it was based on a stage play per other people's posts, and I'd love to see it. All in all, an excellent return of Hammer Studios.