Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★

Faust. Alice Cooper. Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Phantom of The Opera. All these and so much more can be seen as influences on this classic written and directed by Brian De Palma from 1974. Yet he still manages to make his own personal style shine through.

Paul Williams goes from subtle to over the top with ease as Swan, and his musical styling is always a pleasure with both his songwriting and singing. When Jessica Harper as Phoenix first sang in the film, I thought she sounded familiar. This was her feature debut, but it says something about that I recognized her as Janet Majors from "Shock Treatment" (the pseudo-sequel to "Rocky Horror Picture Show) before I realized she was also Suzy in Argento's classic, "Suspiria."

Another bit of trivia from watching the credits all the way through: Sissy Spacek was a set dresser on this. All told, this was a fun watch.

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