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The Podcast Macabre - Episode 239 - HoopTober Recap

Howdy, Fright Fans! Joe, Jenny, and I had a blast with HoopTober 7.0 last month, and we felt it only proper to do an episode of The Podcast Macabre to discuss our 7 favorite first time watches from it. As a bonus, we each also picked one film that we had zero expectations for but were completely surprised by. Check the notes for each film to see who picked what!

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  • #Alive
  • Amsterdamned
  • Amulet
  • A Bucket of Blood
  • The Curse of Frankenstein
  • The Dark and the Wicked
  • Diabolique
  • Eve's Bayou
  • Fade to Black
  • Frenzy
  • The House That Screamed
  • The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)
  • I Drink Your Blood
  • Into the Forest
  • The Invisible Man
  • Rabid
  • Rasputin: The Mad Monk
  • Satan's Slaves
  • Scare Me
  • Seconds
  • Southbound
  • Who Can Kill a Child?