Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

This was mostly a good old fashioned fun time but the character bloat is VERY real. This could have lost at least 5 side characters and it still would be a lot to keep track of. Also while I respect how fully they embraced the 70s setting (especially in the soundtrack) I felt the movie was trying a little too hard, and too frantically, to capture the feel of a 70s/80s action film. It’s that kind of overexcited hyper nerdy filmmaking at its worst, shoutout to Jurassic Park and Dr.Brule refrences. This picture needed to take a big Kong sized deep breath and enjoy itself a little more. 

But all told I still liked it and I’ll be pulling for the cryptid ape when he goes toe to toe with the science lizard.

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