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  • Safe



    Hooptober Se7en #04/31
    Criteria: Disease-based films (1/3)
    Main List: boxd.it/8nrH6
    Cinemonster's Hooptober HQ: boxd.it/7phpm

    “I just wanted to feel like all the air in Safe was like recycled air”

    Legitimately shellshocked once the end credits started rolling. Was feeling this a lot especially the first half; it’s the first time in a really long time where I’m watching a movie and part of the way through I’m like fuuuuuck I need to see this in a theater, the entire time…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    4K UHD Blu Ray. Sincerely a peak in action filmmaking and once again I’m constantly impressed by its over the top costume and set design, commitment to intuitive, visual storytelling and just the fact that this movie starts at a million miles per hour and doesn’t give you a second to catch your breath as the plot and characters literally move in constant motion. Imagine thinking this isn’t the best movie ever. Imagine living a single day without thinking about how amazing this movie is. Legit jealous of anyone who has never seen it before. 

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  • Murder Death Koreatown

    Murder Death Koreatown


    Hooptober Se7en #02/31
    Criteria: 2020 Releases (1/2)
    Main List: boxd.it/8nrH6
    Cinemonster's Hooptober HQ: boxd.it/7phpm

    This is a zero-budget found footage exploitation LA murder mystery, kinda like a souped up youtube conspiracy investigation video, sometimes astounding in ways that catch you off-guard particularly as it gets progressively more dire and paranoid. It's incredibly lean and truly unnerving in its most potent stretches, doing a way better job at blurring the line between fiction and documentary filmmaking than pretty much literally any…

  • Night of the Demon

    Night of the Demon


    Hooptober Se7en #03/31
    Criteria: Highest rated 50’s Horror (1/1)
    Main List: boxd.it/8nrH6
    Cinemonster's Hooptober HQ: boxd.it/7phpm

    This movie came out in 1957 and features satanic cults, demon monsters and ancient curses are you kidding me how can I possibly not like this. I think I liked Tourneur’s Cat People a little bit more but this might be the better screenplay and ending. Oh and my take on the demon being shown is that it 100% rips and I legit got real giddy once it made a return.