Jennifer's Body ★★★★

HOOPTOBER 666 #32/31
Criteria: Female director (3/2)
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This is Heathers for the Myspace generation--a darkly comic coming-of-age parable highly reflective of the time period it was made. This was much, much better than I anticipated, and I think enough time has passed that we can reevaluate this movie's rightful place in the teen movie canon. I truly can't believe it took me this long to watch I have to aggressively stan.

--This is both way ahead of its time and also one of the most unabashedly 2000's movies I've ever seen? It's a mall punk vampire movie released during the early stages of the Twilight phenomenon, there are some distinctly Diablo Cody references to 9/11, the Iraq War,, Maroon 5, and maybe even the Great White nightclub fire. Shit, even the 80's nostalgia in this reminds me a lot of how we processed 80's pop culture at that time. This movie truly feels like a time capsule but its feminist themes are oddly prescient--this might sound like a stretch but the way it subversively uses international sex symbol Megan Fox as a boy-killing vampire reminds me a lot how ScarJo's sexuality is utilized in Under the Skin, except this movie swings for the fences in a totally different way.

--Karyn Kusama uses this song better than Jim Jarmusch

--I think Cody's wonky dialogue works really well in this comedy-horror context a lot more than in Juno or Young Adult. It's just so much more fun having her hyper-referential dialogue be recited by the likes of, uh, satanic indie rock singer Adam Brody (hell yeh) and a fully game Megan Fox who is fed some of the most absolute bullshittiest lines ever and still manages to kill it with an iconic performance.

--The CGI effects are not great but it adds to the souped-up MTV Films production feel of it so I didn't mind!


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