Slugs ★★★★

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Major oversight that this was directed by the same dude who did Pieces, so it also means he directed the massive stinker Extraterrestrial Visitors which I saw earlier this month. I try not to do repeat directors (although these movies feel like they were directed by three different people) but I have committed to seeing this and fortunately, I was not disappointed.

But wow, what a perfect way to end this challenge! This has just about everything you want from a trashy horror splatterfest and more. So absurd and badly written AND acted that none of it feels's actually kind of hallucinatory???? Like the acting in this is so shockingly stilted that it's gotta be on purpose, right? The lines and dubbed-in line readings are equally spectacular and this would be the best movie to see with a good crowd.

But it's the special effects that steal the show here: underwater deaths, gouged eye sockets, amputations, exploding greenhouses--this movie is a wall-to-wall trashy delight. The practical effects they use to make the homicidal slugs look semi-believable are pretty amazing. I also love that the blood in this is in that shade of bright giallo red, gushing and oozing all over this movie; it rules.

See you ghouls next year! If you were curious, the top 7 movies I've seen this month were:

1. M
2. Lady Terminator
3. The Boxer's Omen
4. Hour Of The Wolf
5. Blood and Black Lace
6. Manhunter
7. Angel's Egg


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