The Boxer's Omen ★★★★½

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A freebie for this challenge and it was completely worth it. What in the living shit did I just watch? This might actually be my first exposure to Shaw Bros and if this movie is any indication I've been missing out for years. Gonna make a better effort to go to some screenings when they come up. This was also by far the most difficult movie to obtain: I had to download a youtube video and constantly adjusted an insanely out-of-sync srt file in real time. I don't know what the licensing situation is when it comes to Shaw Bros flicks but this needs a home video rerelease immediately.

I can't even begin to describe the utter insanity of this movie; my best description of The Boxer's Omen would be a fever dream mash of The Holy Mountain meets Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky mixed with the fantastical visual zaniness of something like Hausu. Here are some of the IMDB keywords for this masterpiece: full frontal female nudity, black magic, thai boxing, needle in eye, maggot, bat attack--and that comprises only maybe 5% of all the crazy shit in this movie. Without spoiling anything and making this review even more unreadable, I didn't think Kuso would have any competition in the gross-out department but this movie comes pretty damn close.

The first half hour or so is some of the most manically paced cinema in the wtf-genre canon--at some point in the 20-minute mark it jumps into like three or four different rabbit holes and it's a delirious joy to try to keep up with. The pacing kind of lags towards the end, but it's only plodding by comparison and if your eyes haven't melted off their sockets yet by the time the final 10 minutes rolls around, it finishes on a very strong note. Essential viewing for a very small subset of utterly deranged film fanatics.


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