WNUF Halloween Special ★★★★

I saw this for the first time around 2013 and was blown away by its attention to detail, dedication to maximum authenticity and the dry humor throughout and for the most part, all of these things still hold up. Alongside other sentimental favorites like Carpenter's Halloween and The Blair Witch Project it became a Halloween staple for me, so I've pretty much seen it every year; it's just become so reliably fun and conducive to festive viewing that it's just something that I love putting on for Halloween as playfully spooky comfort food. I grew up in the 90's but this movie still manages to strike the exact same nostalgic nerve as like, Snick or Treat marathons or old Treehouse of Horror episodes.

But much like how VHS tape would degrade after heavy use, every viewing proved to be (slightly) diminishing returns, with its flaws becoming more and more evident on repeat viewings. Namely this movie has the kind of bad acting that constantly threatens the film’s great illusion (especially the newscaster dude....I actually think everyone else was ok) and has ads that while are still really impressive and funny, get pretty repetitive and make some stretches of the movie pretty dull by comparison. Despite all these I still love getting lost into this highly specific simulated world that they were able to nail down to a very impressive degree and I think I'm gonna settle with this rating since I've been a huge WNUF groupie all these years. I will protect this movie at all costs. Dare I say it's essential Halloween viewing AND essential found footage Horror?

*Hooptober Bonus #11


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