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  • The Conspirators
  • The Man from Laramie
  • The Conversation
  • House of Tolerance

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  • Angela

  • Barbie

  • The Dive

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

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  • Barbie


    Arriving late to a phenomenom like "Barbie" allows us to look at it from a possible more balanced position, and when you do that I find it hard not to marvel (pun intended) at how it is perfectly positioned in both today's entertainment and sociopolitical climares to serve simultaneously as a sphinx and a mirror. Whatever question or half-baked response you throw at it (be it enthusiastic or angry), it both throws right back at you as a riddle or…

  • The Dive

    The Dive

    The film atempts to dedicate equal measures to its "video game phase" construction of the rescue mission and the supposedly deep (no pun intended) construction of the drama surrounding the two sisters, and that might make it understable why it doesn't quite get there in either one of them. It's basically well shot, and makes for a fairly schematic and non-tedious viewing, but nothing about it really elevates the material beyond the most basic satisfaction of accomplishing a marine huis-clos.

Popular reviews

  • Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

    Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

    Christopher Nolan might be embarassed seeing how cheap and fun cinema can actually be!

  • The Woman Who Ran

    The Woman Who Ran

    Which woman is running? From where and to where? There could be a simple answer since Kim Minhee's character who serves almost as the guide for the film as she moves around being away from her husband for a few days for the first time in years. But on her "girl's day out" she will meet other women who might also be running even if they are standing still in their spaces (men are almost completely absent - or it…