CKY 3 ★★½

"The video you're about to see contains horrible things. Things that will make you not succeed in life, and at school. You'll do bad forever."

Here we are, finishing the trilogy of stupidity that is CKY. (Wait no... There is a 4th one I just remembered... Fuck.)

These CKY films were the precursor to the Jackass franchise and the Viva La Bam show. The first one was just an edited home video with Margera and friends. With the second one they put in a bit more effort and the third one seems to be more of a "film" although it's still very rough.

This was made in 2001 so at this point the first season of the Jackass show was already running. Still there are things in here that only later would find fame in the Jackass franchise. For example the first ever spark of Chris Pontius' "Party Boy" character appears here. In the Jackass show and films those sketches are about Pontius going to places, starting music, ripping his clothes off and only with a jock strap on he starts dancing and grinding on people. In CKY "Party Boy" wears a jacket but is completely nude from the waist down and just walks into some store to get a napkin and leaves while people stare, all of it filmed from the other side of the street with a low resolution camera.
The birth of Party Boy.
There are also a few tiny cameos from Johnny Knoxville in here but he never does anything noteworthy.
Oh, also this probably the first time Brandon Novak has an appearance. Novak is a friend of Bam. A former drug addict who Bam apparently helped get clean and taught skateboarding. I don't know much about that story (although the guy even wrote a book about it called Dreamseller). All I know is that Novak is definitely the guy in all of CKY, Jackass and Viva La Bam with the lowest honor or self worth so to say. He just doesn't seem to care for himself or anyone else. He let's everyone do everything to him, especially for money, and he's generally not a very symathetic person.
He isn't in this for a lot and doesnt do much but I guess it's interesting for the hardcore fans who care for the chronology of these franchises.

The shopping cart crashes are back. A lot of them actually. I can't stop being baffled about how these people are having so much fun crashing shopping carts. It's incredible.

At this point Bam Margera clearly began adoring the band HIM. The pentagram symbolism stuff is in here and there is even a montage of people jumping into bushes while HIM's full song "Right Here In My Arms" plays with the music video for that spliced in between. That whole sequence is probably the most Bam Margera thing that ever existed.
Bam also brought back the domestic violence where he beats his father for some reason which aren't new. But in one scene he actually pisses on his face while he is sleeping which was... weird even for this franchise. Smearing poop and taking a piss on your stupid friends is something different than a 20 year old guy taking a piss in his sleeping fathers face.
Speaking of faeces...
Raab Himself does a lot of shitting in here. On the road side, from a roof top onto the camera, while running... It's almost impressive.

Another thing I found too much and probably would never have made it into anything Jackass or Viva La Bam related were pranks where they threw dummies onto driving cars making them think they just killed someone who wanted to commit suicide by jumping in front of their car or something like that.
Like I said before CKY is more tasteless then the sister franchises just because this is all home made and not for some big production studio. They have total control over the stuff they wanna do.
There is also a lot of nudity in here. Mostly male but you get to see a pair of tits or two...

There are however a few more comedy sketches in here which never really amount to anything great or are really memorable but hey... Anything that takes more effort than jumping into bushes or crashing a shopping cart is welcome by me.

The skateboarding is of course also in here and I'm always okay with these.
Also the music is pretty good. Of course there is HIM and another return from the titular twin band CKY which I love. But there is other stuff too that sounds pretty good.

CKY 3 is the shortest of the CKY films and in some cases the best. I mean they were never really great but this one was enjoyable with some funny bits and pieces between the many unfunny, predictable or just too stupid other stuff.
There is way less Brandon DiCamillo in here though who is one of the best parts of this whole crew of people and the biggest part that made the second movie enjoyable.
It's pretty interesting for Jackass hardcore fans because you see the early sparks of things that would later get big. Still not anything you need to see but something that you could very well have on while you do something else if you have already seen every Jackass and Viva La Bam thing there is.

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