Godzilla ★★★★½

I still can't quite grasp this. The 10 years are over. Here it is, a brand new Godzilla movie and it doesn't look anything like Emmerich's Zilla.
I don't think I ever waited longer for a movie.

So, I hear people complain about this one. "Wah, Godzilla is only in here for 10 minutes." and "Wah, there is way too much of that Kick-Ass guy."
I was worried. I really was. But at the same time I was hyped as shit because I knew, this will never be as bad as Emmerich's one.
If you ask me, there isn't too much Aaron Taylor-Johnston. I thought he was a good anchor point from where to see everything.
The rather sparse screentime of Godzilla wasn't nearly as bad as people made it out to be. You get a very good look at him when it's time and it's not just a short glimpse. Not only do I think he got a very good amount of screentime, I also think it's a really fucking good time. Fuck, just to see him in his full glory and roar was worth the 10 years of waiting for me. The kaiju action is really, really good.
I actually like how they took their time to build up his presence and teased and teased until you finally get what you want. It gives it so much more power. I prefer this over nonstop action and the danger of desensitization. Also I knew, that sequels are already planned and those will definitely contain more action scenes.
For a kind of origin story this was absolutely perfect.
Also even if Godzilla takes his time to appear -- which actually happened waaaaay earlier than I expected -- you still get the other kaijus beforehand and they are pretty cool too.
There were a few weird logical things like why did they keep on sending planes to the EMP kaiju? Or why did they all constantly kept shooting the monsters with regular guns? It doesn't do anything you idiots. Just fucking run.
But I can live with that.

As a pretty big fan of the franchise I am so pleased with this result. If you have any interest in seeing this film I definitely recommend to watch it in theatre (if possible even IMAX).
I never really thought there would be such a serious and grim Godzilla film that worked. But here it is. The greatest depiction of Godzilla to date and I am so looking forward to the sequels, whatever they may bring.

Fuck you, Emmerich.